Liberty School


TitleLiberty School
DescriptionI got the idea on how to do this still life from an old British photog named Phillip McCordall. He has a bunch of how-to videos on YouTube and it was this one that inspired me. I used a Canon 580EX speedlite on 1/16th power in a 24x24 soft box facing straight down. Two white foam core boards we positioned on either side and two black boards were used to cover up most of the white boards so only skinny white reflections are seen on the side of the glass (I used cranberry juice in the glass BTW). I took another exposure where I moved a white board in front of the bottle to highlight the label then composited that into the final image.
DetailsCanon 5D mkII, Canon 70-200 f4 IS@106mm, f10@2 sec, ISO 400, Canon 580EX
Tags still, still life, studio, strobe, speedlite, wine bottle, glass, liberty school
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